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Why Choose Melio For Your Business Payments?

If you find yourself trekking from bank to bank, spending countless hours just to process payments for your vendors and contractors, it's time for a modern upgrade. Handle all your payments swiftly and seamlessly, right from the palm of your hand. With Melio Payments, no more wasting precious time stuck in traffic or waiting in long queues and embrace a simpler, more efficient way to manage your finances—all through your mobile device.

If you're new to Melio, don’t worry, we'll help you better understand it the easiest way - what it is and what it can do to your business before jumping into it.

melio payments

About Melio Payments

Melio is revolutionizing how small businesses manage their finances by offering digital solutions for bill payments and receipts, eliminating the need for paper checks. Unlike its larger competitor,,Melio prioritizes integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, enabling seamless payments directly from these sites. Additionally, Melio offers competitive pricing with a 1% fee for expedited same-day payments and a 2.9% charge for credit card transactions, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. With its commitment to simplicity, speed, and innovation, Melio emerges as the preferred choice for businesses seeking a modern and efficient payment platform.

According to Forbes, in a significant development, leading bank technology provider Fiserv announced in 2023 that Melio's platform for accounts payable and receivables would supersede its existing offering for check-free business-to-business transactions. 

With substantial backing totaling $506 million from investors such as Thrive Capital, Coatue, and Accel, Melio currently boasts a valuation of $4 billion, as of September 2021. Bolstering its credibility, Melio saw its customer base swell to 119,000 by the end of 2023, up from 94,000 the previous year. Founded by industry veterans Matan Bar, Ilan Atias, and formerly Ziv Paz, Melio continues to reshape the landscape of digital payments for small businesses.

While it might sound like Klaviyo is taking the lead here, it’s better that we dive deep into the details so we know exactly which platform really is better for your business.

easy ways to pay vendors with melio

Simplest Way To Pay Vendors & Contractors

Melio stands out as the simplest solution for businesses to pay their contractors and vendors hassle-free. With its intuitive platform, navigating through payment processes becomes a breeze, eliminating the complexities often associated with traditional methods. Users can easily schedule payments, track expenses, and manage cash flow all from one centralized hub. By streamlining the payment workflow, Melio not only saves valuable time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring transactions are executed smoothly and efficiently. Say goodbye to the headache of manual payment processing and hello to the simplicity of Melio, the ultimate tool for seamless vendor and contractor payments.

how melio payments work

How Melio Works?

Melio simplifies business payments by offering a user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire process. Here's how it works:

Sign Up 

Businesses can sign up for Melio online. The registration process is straightforward, requiring basic information about the business.

Link Bank Account

Once signed up, users link their business bank account to Melio securely. This allows Melio to access funds for payments.

Add Vendors and Contractors

Users can add their vendors and contractors to the Melio platform. This involves inputting their contact information and payment details.

Schedule Payments

With vendors and contractors added, users can schedule payments easily through the Melio dashboard. They can choose the payment amount, date, and method (bank transfer or card payment).

Payment Confirmation

Melio sends payment notifications to the recipients, informing them of the pending transaction.

Track Payments

Users can track the status of their payments in real-time within the Melio dashboard. This includes seeing when payments are sent, received, and processed.

Payment Methods

Melio offers various payment methods, including bank transfers and credit card payments. Users can choose the most convenient option for each transaction.


Melio also allows businesses to create and send invoices directly through the platform. Users can customize invoices with their branding and track payment statuses.

melio payments for teams

How Can Melio Help Your Business?

Streamlined Payments

Melio allows businesses to pay bills using bank transfers or credit cards, consolidating all payments into one platform. This streamlines the payment process, saving time and effort for businesses.

Flexible Payment Options

With Melio, businesses can choose how they want to pay their bills, whether it's through bank transfers or credit cards. This flexibility allows businesses to manage their cash flow more effectively.

Scheduled Payments

Melio enables businesses to schedule payments in advance, ensuring that bills are paid on time without the need for manual intervention. This feature helps businesses avoid late fees and maintain positive relationships with vendors.

Vendor Management

Melio provides businesses with a centralized platform for managing their vendors and tracking payment history. This makes it easier for businesses to stay organized and keep track of their financial transactions.

Cash Flow Management

By offering flexible payment options and scheduling payments in advance, Melio helps businesses better manage their cash flow. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses with limited resources.

Integration with Accounting Software

Melio integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, making it easy for businesses to reconcile payments and keep their financial records up to date.


Melio prioritizes the security of its platform, using encryption and other security measures to protect sensitive financial information. This gives businesses peace of mind knowing that their payments are secure.

melio payments for smbs

Integrate Melio With Quickbooks:

Integrating Melio with QuickBooks offers significant benefits for businesses, enhancing efficiency and streamlining financial processes. By seamlessly connecting these platforms, businesses can automate the transfer of payment data, reducing manual entry errors and saving valuable time. This integration ensures that financial records are accurate and up-to-date, facilitating better decision-making and improved cash flow management. To integrate Melio with QuickBooks, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Access Your Melio Account

Log in to your Melio account using your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Find the settings or integrations section within Melio.

Step 3: Select QuickBooks Integration

Look for the option to integrate with accounting software and choose QuickBooks from the list.

Step 4: Authorize Integration

Follow the prompts to authorize the integration. You may need to grant Melio permission to access your QuickBooks account.

Step 5: Configure Integration Settings

Depending on your preferences, configure settings such as accounts to sync, data field mapping, and frequency of data transfer.

Step 6: Save Settings

Once configured, save your settings to activate the integration.

Step 7: Verify Integration

Perform a test transaction to ensure

Learn more about Quickbooks in one place via this blog.

integrate melio with other platforms

Integrate It With Other Platforms Too

Aside from QuickBooks, you may also integrate Melio with Xero, or FreshBooks with Melio to enable automatic synchronization of payment transactions, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate financial records. This integration enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing accounts payable and receivable, simplifying reconciliation and reporting tasks.

For businesses using invoicing platforms such as Wave or Zoho Invoice, integrating Melio allows for seamless payment acceptance and reconciliation. Customers can easily pay invoices using Melio's multiple payment options, while businesses benefit from automatic updating of invoice statuses and payment records.

Melio also integrates with popular workflow management platforms like or Trello, facilitating streamlined communication and task automation. Businesses can set up workflows to trigger actions based on payment activity, such as notifying team members of completed payments or updating project statuses.

Choose Melio Payments Today

Save time, reduce manual errors, and improve cash flow management with Melio. Let Melio optimize your financial operations so you can focus on your business' growth. Whether it's paying bills, collecting payments, or managing vendors, Melio provides the tools and flexibility businesses need to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Overall, integrating Melio into your business operations can lead to increased efficiency, accuracy, and overall financial well-being.

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