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HOLLAS Consulting

HOLLAS is a consulting firm focused on demand generation from the top to bottom of the funnel. We’re a process-driven organization that creates sales and marketing plans tailored to the industry, our clients goals, and what we know works. This approach allows us to maximize exposure across the channels most likely to drive results. Each engagement is taken as an opportunity for company leaders to learn about the sales and marketing process, create plans that work for their organization, and give them the skills and confidence to understand and manage future sales and marketing hires at the organization.

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Our Founders
Nic Jansson Profile
Nic Jansson, Partner

Holly Berrigan HOLLAS Partner
Holly Berrigan, Partner

Niclas is the marketing lead at HOLLAS, with deep expertise in B2B digital marketing, e-commerce, and lead generation. He’s managed over 2 million dollars in annual ad spend for clients, and has used the latest in SEO, A/B testing, email, and inbound marketing to hit targets over his last 10 years as a consultant. With a love for data and experience managing sales and marketing teams, Nic has developed a tactical understanding for knowing which levers to push when in order to set up healthy, diverse marketing programs that yield success down the funnel.

Holly is the sales lead at HOLLAS having run sales programs at over 20 organizations focusing on SMBs and Startups. Her expertise is full-scope, including buyer persona creation, A/B testing messaging, and leveraging sales channels to figure out the formula for success. Holly can quickly and seamlessly understand and integrate current systems with her deep knowledge of best sales practices and train leadership on reporting, understanding and implementing sales processes, and managing employees.

What Our Clients Say
Kelley Client Referral

Kelley, Owner

The work Holly and Nic have put in is nothing short of fantastic! They've helped so much in redoing my website, creating content and social strategy, and launching a comprehensive ad strategy!

Jason Client Referral

Jason, CEO

HOLLAS has been invaluable in product-market fit testing for us. Combining outbound prospecting and a LinkedIn ad program has generated countless leads, dozens of demos, and multiple proposals.

Tiago Client Referral

Tiago, Owner

The ads from Facebook and Instagram are killing it. I'm picking up a lot of new customers. I can't wait to Launch Google Ads and emails! The best business move I did this year was work with HOLLAS!

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